Brenda's Story (September 26, 2014)

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Thank you, Brenda!

My grandmother came to this country in 1907 with a large group of immigrants. They couldn't speak the language and had no means of income. They settled in Springfield, Illinois with other family members and friends who had already established themselves. They worked hard to learn English and my grandfather learned the carpentry trade. They had 5 of their 6 children there before they moved to Oklahoma City with close family members. During this time, my grandmother was able to acquire her Singer Treadle Machine and she dutifully made clothes for herself and her children , the youngest of which was born in OKC and was my father. This machine was passed down to my mother who used it for years to make my clothes. When I was in the 8th grade, I enrolled in Home Ec and had to make a dress. Of course, I sewed it on the Singer Treadle and I even got a blue ribbon in the State Fair of Oklahoma for it. To this day, it sits in my Entry Way as a table, reminding me of my family members and the hardships they endured to give me the wonderful life I now enjoy. I am forever grateful for their sacrifices and thankful for the up -bringing they gave me. Singer was a big part of my history. It reminds me of some very tough but gentler times. In it's beautiful cabinet, I see the faces of my ancestors who came before me. May their memories be eternal.

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