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For the past 160 years, SINGER® has held special memories in the minds of millions of sewers worldwide. Share your SINGER® story and become a part of history and our celebration.

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My grandmother came to this country in...

Submitted by Brenda on September 26, 2014
My grandmother came to this country in 1907 with a large group of immigrants. They couldn't speak the language and had no means of income. They settled in Springfield, Illinois with other family members and friends who had already established themselves. They worked hard to learn English and my grandfather learned the carpentry trade. They had 5 of their 6 children there before they moved to Oklahoma City with close family members. During this time, my grandmother was able to acquire her Singer Treadle Machine and she dutifully made clothes for herself and her children , the youngest of which was born in OKC and was my father. This machine was passed down to my mother who used it for years to make my clothes. When I was in the 8th grade, I enrolled in Home Ec and had to make a dress. Of course, I sewed it on the Singer Treadle and I even got a blue ribbon in the State Fair of Oklahoma for it. To this day, it sits in my Entry Way as a table, reminding me of my family members and the hardships they endured to give me the wonderful life I now enjoy. I am forever grateful for their sacrifices and thankful for the up -bringing they gave me. Singer was a big part of my history. It reminds me of some very tough but gentler times. In it's beautiful cabinet, I see the faces of my ancestors who came before me. May their memories be eternal.

I've been sewing since I was small...

Submitted by Janet on September 16, 2014
I've been sewing since I was small. My Grandmother used to sew wedding dresses and parties to put herself through school to be a teacher. She rarely used a pattern, and created the most beautiful dresses. Over time I began sewing when I was older because of a hobby, then because I just enjoyed making things.. I fell in love with old treadle machines and have two currently , as well as a Centennial 128, black slide machine that I love. People laugh at my " old machines" but they stop when they see all the things that old girl can do, from embroidery to ruffling to rolled hems and all without any electronics to go bad.

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Submitted by John on September 16, 2014
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I am 36 and my story goes way back when...

Submitted by Mary Ann on September 04, 2014
I am 36 and my story goes way back when I was a little girl. I grew up in a very poor and remote province in an Asian country to a big family and being the middle child I dont get to have new things like clothes and dresses but rather all pass ons from my elder siblings. As a child I always look forward to our school Christmas party because thats the only time i get to have a new dress in the entire year. My mother would take me to a thrift fabric store and I get to choose the fabric then we will take it to our neighbor dress maker. I would draw the design of my dress beforehand like the paper dresses I made for my paper dolls! I would proudly show it and explain to the dress maker how I want my dress to look like and she would always tell me then that it would look really pretty. I was always so amazed and curious how her vintage huge heavy Singer machine can turn those fabrics into pretty dresses like magic and knew even then I will have my own one day. I discovered (when I was old enough to earn my own money) that Singer machine, being the best is costly and so I have to wait because I don't want to sacrifice quality and durabilty by getting other inferior brand. Couple of years ago I finally moved here in the USA and one day while cleaning the basement I found this old Singer Stylist 533 that belonged to my husband's late mother complete with all the accessories, manuals and even receipt and warranty and it was purchased a year before I was even born in 1976! My heart was literally beating so fast while I cleaned it all the while praying that it still work and it did! I started reading the manual learning its parts and functions and started using it hemming small sqauares I called table napkins. Next I made were pillow cases, throw pillow cases, simple curtains, my own apron and by then I started to explore the Singer website to watch some videos for beginner sewing projects and also YouTube for a few DIY sewing techniques. During the holidays last year I finally had the courage to buy a fabric, cut and sew it into my very first A-line color block faux leather skirt and it was fabulous! With the new found confidence I started to make a dress - a lace overlay fitted dress and my cousins and sisters in-law were so amazed they want me to make a dress for them too! I even made some scarves for holiday gifting to family and friends. I was so proud of myself and very happy that my childhood dream eventually came true because Singer made it possible, its user friendly - so easy to use but will give you professional creations even for someone who doesn't know a thing about sewing like me! Now I continue to make all sorts of sewing projects and very happy with this old manual machine but I would love to have a better and advanced model to have those wide varieties and range of beautiful stitches that new machines feature today and they are electronic too. Thank you Singer for making a little girl's dream come true. Thank you for the chance to explore my crativity and love for crafting. Now my ultimate dream is to make my own wedding gown for my church wedding....hopefully! I would have love to upload the photos of my creations but i have to pull it from my DIY albums from facebook and pinterest but I'm too excited to share my story! :)

My name is Sarah and this is my story....

Submitted by sarah on August 13, 2014
My name is Sarah and this is my story. I am 18 now and as a child I was molested so to forget the horrible memories I taught myself to so . I worked two jobs to get my own sewing machine but as a young 16 year old I was never able to make enough money so I used my mothers. I have dreamed of having my own sewing machine , but just found that they are so expensive. I have over come so much hate in my life and this machine would be a dream come true. now I know to most that seems stupid but I love to sew and have just recently gotten a scholarship in fashion design but must have own machine, please help me achieve my dream . I am a survivor and weather or not I win this machine I will continue to try! My mother has always told me to just have hope and faith,

Deze naaimachiene gekocht bij de...

Submitted by Rineke on August 11, 2014
Deze naaimachiene gekocht bij de kringloop Den Haag wil graag weten hoe oud hij is.
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